Dot by Marc Jacobs

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Over the last week or two I’ve been seeing Beauty Bloggers receive the latest perfume by Marc Jacobs – Honey.  I haven’t yet smelt Honey, and I am hoping it is featured in a future beauty box. However, while others … Continued

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

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Pink lipstick is the ultimate colour for lips. It is probably the very first lipstick that a girl (or boy!) will purchase, and it is always a staple in any person’s makeup collection. The thing is, there is SO MANY … Continued

Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes

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So here is the second part of my “Top 5” series: TOP 5 WINTER NAIL POLISHES. I won’t be including general nail care favourites (top coats, base coats, etc) especially because I am fairly new to actually CARING for my … Continued

Top 5 Winter Lip Products

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If you’re Australian or another fellow Southern Hemispherian, we are currently in the dead of Winter. I thought I would put together my five favourite lip products for the season! This is a mixture of lipsticks and lip care products! … Continued

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