May + June 2017 Favourites

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So since my last favourites, I decided to keep up the bi-monthly post of favourites so I could talk about a few more products in depth. Sometimes, a month just isn’t long enough, or I didn’t really fall in love with anything.


The BYS Pure Silk Serum Foundation (RRP $14.95) was a big favourite these past few months for me. I actually used up the whole thing, so I am already planning on a repurchase! In case you missed it, I went and did a full review along with the foundation adjusters, so check it out if you haven’t already!

The NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade (RRP $12.95) is a new product to me after I dyed my hair back to brunette. I was originally using Chi Chi Brow Pomade in my cruelty free brow routine, which was an ashy brown colour. On my search for a more chocolate-y brown colour, I happened upon this one and fell in love. It’s formula is a little drier than the Chi Chi Brow Pomade, but I find it a lot easier to lightly shape my brows with this pomade.

Pairing the pomade with the NYX Micro Brow (RRP $16.95) is a winning combination. This featured in my favourites back in February 2017and this one I’ve repurchased. It’s got a super fine tip, perfect for lighting pencilling in the fluffy front brows. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, you should!


A cult favourite and one of my long time repurchases is Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (RRP $5.99). This is something I buy again and again, usually around this time of year. I love using it as a lip conditioner, on my cuticles and when my hands and elbows get super dry.

In the April Box of Good Green Box, I found a new favourite in the Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser (RRP $50.00). The Scandinavian brand focuses on small batch production, so the ingredients have less preservatives and are a lot fresher than regular cleansers, meaning your skin reaps the benefits. It’s got an amazing scent to boot, and I’ve found it so gentle on my skin. I’ve been using this in conjunction with another great cleanser which I have mentioned A LOT on the blog lately –RosehipPLUS Organic Daily Cream Cleanser (RRP $16.95). You can read more about it in my Gentle Winter Skin Care Routine post.


Something I’ve been on the hunt for is a cruelty free dry shampoo. While since buying this I am more worried about the aerosol aspect, it’s still a great dry shampoo if you aren’t ready for a loose powder dry shampoo yet. The A’kin Dry Shampoo (RRP $14.95) is great for freshening up your hair on an oily day. It contains rice and bamboo powder and adds great texture and volume.


I’ve been a huge fan of Mermaid Julisa and their amazing vegan nail polishes for a while now, so I treated myself to two colours from their latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection – Nuthin’ But Good Times. I chose Luna  – a deep red wine, and Kale-in It – a light olive green shade. Both are amazing colours for the cooler months. I love supporting a local brand – and the fact that they are vegan and 5-free just sweetens the deal.

Another random favourite this month is Remedy Kombucha. With less sugar than a softdrink, kombucha is basically a fermented tea with a bunch of amazing probiotics inside. I was always worried about what these would taste like but they are seriously good. Seriously, try it.


If you haven’t seen Westworld yet, I highly recommend you do! I won’t reveal much about the show, but if you love Game of Thrones (it’s another HBO series so you know it’s good) and you love the Nolan Brothers (think The Dark Knight, Memento, Inception) then you will love Westworld. It’s currently got a f-tonne of Emmy Nominations as well. And for those who have watched the series – It doesn’t look like anything to me.


Black Mirror is another series I finished and loved recently. Available on Netflix, it’s an anthology TV series (meaning while each episode doesn’t follow a timeline, it follows the same theme). Each episode brings to light issues in the current state of our social media driven world, or a look into a dystopian future of where we could be headed. Be warned that a few of these episodes are VERY controversial. Because there is no set order, I suggest beginning with Season 3 Episode 1 – Nosedive. It is still one of my favourite episodes, and an easy transition into the series.

What have you been loving lately?

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  • Laura Tough

    So many good favourites! I spy my favourite cleanser in there too! The Rosehip plus cleanser is the bomb!!

    Laura || x

    • Kate Flint

      It’s so good! Lovely and gentle 🙂

  • Felicia Anastasia Bardan

    I looooove Westworld so much!! I can’t wait for the next season, the last episode was crazy!

    • Kate Flint

      Wasn’t it so good :'( And yes! That last episode was nuts! I’m thinking I might do a re-watch soon 😛

  • I really want the Julisa Kale-it shade! It is one of the prettiest shades I’ve seen! Great faves Kate! <3


    • Kate Flint

      It’s a gorgeous shade! Now I just need to quit my nail biting habit so my nails look nicer 😛

  • HerQuarters

    I’m on the hunt for a good Brow Pomade at the moment, I will have to check out the NYX Tame & Frame.

    Amy |

    • Kate Flint

      Definitely check it out!

  • Made for Madison

    I really want to watch westworld!!!

    • Kate Flint

      It’s such a good watch!

  • My brother makes his own kombucha, and he really goes out there with flavors sometimes, but they usually work! I really want to get into Westworld. I’m just watching so much other stuff…when I have time!

    • Kate Flint

      That’s so cool! I would like to try making my own, I’ve only just got into making sauerkraut (which worked!) so I feel like I could do this 🙂

      • I’m sure you could! He says it’s suuuper easy.

  • Dianne Childs

    Westworld sounds amazing and I do love both Inception and Memento, such clever movies. I’ll have to give it a go!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Kate Flint

      You would love it! But I take no responsibility when you run out of episodes haha. Only one season has been aired, and the next season doesn’t air til next year :'(

  • I spy Julisa! Seeing their cute nail polish bottles makes me want to start my own Indie polish brand. Maybe one day haha. Great picks 🙂

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    • Kate Flint

      You totally should Emma!!! 😀

  • I’ve been so curious about the Nuori cleanser! My friend raves about the brand. And I love the Rosehip plus cleanser, its so good!

    • Kate Flint

      It’s so good! I am definitely thinking of repurchasing it!

  • Some great picks, i have paw paw ointment and love it, it is a staple.

    • Kate Flint

      Always got a few on the go in different places (next to the bed, in my handbag, at work, haha)

  • I love all of these! I’m double keen to try the Remedy Kombucha drink now!

    Ironic Minimalist |

    • Kate Flint

      Definitely do, you’d love it!

  • Love those two TV shows! Black Mirror is fricken amazinggggg, honestly so creepy cos it could happen hahaha. Pretty annoyed we have to wait till next year for more Westworld! So cool to hear you love that BYS foundation so much too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Kate Flint

      Yesss they totally could happen! Nosedive especially spoke to me in the current Instagram climate!

  • I love your favourites! I definitely need to check out Westworld + Black Mirror is one of my faves. I think San Junipero was such a great ep too!

    Rochelle ||

  • Great post. My all time favorite is Lucas paw paw too. Love love this product.

  • Isabella Southwick

    The foaming cleanser sounds amazing! Definitely going to order some.

  • Zerin Hassan

    Defo want to try a few of these goodies

  • The BYS foundation sounds amazing! It’s been a while since I finished up a foundation, so when you do you know it’s true love! Black Mirror sounds interesting, I will add it to my list 🙂

    Daniela |

  • James loves Westworld and Blackmirror, but I just couldn’t get into them!! I do however love Mermaid Julisa!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    • Kate Flint

      Such good polishes!!!

  • We are so similar in our TV faves! i have finished Black Mirror and Westworld and loved both! I also love the Rosehip Plus Cream Cleanser, it’s so good! I have gone through about 3! For cruelty free dry shampoo, I would highly recommend Klorane! It’s replaced Batiste for me! x

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Kate Flint

      They just released Westworld Season 2 trailer – it looks so good!!!! I have looked into Klorane but I’ve seen differing information everywhere! Cruelty Free Kitty says they are not cruelty free by My Beauty Bunny says they are! So conflicting! :'(

      • Hm, that’s weird! I thought they were CF! They say they don’t test on animals in their FAQ’s on their website unless it’s a technicality. I thought Klorane were CF but their parent company Pierre Fabre is not.

  • The Sunday Mode

    I really want to try some Kombucha and from that Remedy brand especially. My entire family is obsessed with the stuff and they’re all trying the different flavours and loving them, meanwhile I’ve never even taken a sip to see if I like kombucha! I think it’s the strong smell that gets me…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Kate Flint

      It can smell a bit funky but it tastes fine (to me at least!) I have had one that was a bit weird but it wasn’t from this brand 🙂