Good Green Box – March 2017

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If you love cruelty free, natural or sometimes vegan products, you should definitely look into The Good Green Box!

I’m no stranger to a subscription box (it was actually sub boxes that got me blogging in 2013!) but as a newbie cruelty free beauty user, this box is a great way to find great, local natural products! I was lucky enough to receive the March box this month, so here is a quick run down on my first impressions and thoughts!

The MIOD Balancing Face Oil (sample only, full size $30), is apparently suitable for all skin types, but especially oily and acne prone skin. This skin oil is light and easily absorbed and I found it great to use under my regular moisturiser.

Cruelty Free – YES! Organic – YES! Vegan – This product yes, though the brand does use beeswax in some of their products (lip balms for example).

Next on the list and from just down the road, the Bondi Wash Body Wash – Tasmanian Lavender and Pepper (sample only, full size $35), this body wash smells completely amazing! It’s a woody, soothing scent that I would definitely use again! The sample was only enough for one wash, but I’d definitely consider buying the full size product of this one.

Cruelty Free – YES! Natural – YES! Vegan – The company admits to using some sustainable palm oil, but no animal derived ingredients.

Something I’ve not tried before is the Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Wipes (sample only, full size $19.95), which are so ingenious! I have trouble with my knees after some torn ACLs, and magnesium is an awesome way to get instant pain relief. I’m actually going to save these for when I need them most (in my gym bag!).

Cruelty Free – YES! Natural/Organic – YES! Vegan – YES! 

Another product I’m saving for a rainy day are the Sarah Jean False Lashes & Adhesive (Full size products, $37), but I may just use these anyway because I’m so excited about them! Not only is this a Brisbane Local brand, but also completely cruelty free and extremely innovative. This lash adhesive applies like a mascara, offering fuss free lashes.

Cruelty Free – YES! Vegan – YES! Latex-Free – YES! 

Another product I’m excited about using (and I’m already using everyday!) is the Earth Mumma Pit Paste Natural Deodorant (sample only, full size $12.95). I’m a new lover of natural deodorants, and this paste seems to last quite long through the day! It also doesn’t leave white marks and is made by two mum’s in the Gold Coast!

Cruelty Free – YES! Vegan – YES! Natural? YES!

Lastly, an old favourite that I’ve used a tonne of times (and will continue to use), the wotnot Sensitive Wipes (sample only, full size $8.99). These are a repeat favourite wipe in our house (Shannon likes these too!) so it’s nice to have a little travel pack.

Cruelty Free – YES! Vegan – YES! Natural – YES!

Have you tried this subscription box and love it as much as I do?

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  • Great post Kate! I personally have already tried the Sarah Jean lashes and I loved them! I have been loving the pit paste too after not enjoying the Moogoo one, I thought I would never find a natural deodorant. Great post! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks Sarah! I am buying the full size Pit Paste too, and those lashes were SO GOOD! X

  • Sounds like so many great products in one box! Those lashes look beautiful too!! I love the wot not wipes too! Great post Kate!

    Mel xx || Loads Of Lifestyle

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks Mel! I love the wotnot wipes too, always stocking up on them! xx

  • I got this as my last subscription box from Good Green Box. I loved the service, but I got a bit sick of all the deodorants they sent 🙁 Other than that I loved the service.
    I also love your little rating system at the end of each product description. a great TLDR thing

    Ironic Minimalist |

    • Kate Flint

      It can be hard to find variation in sub boxes sometimes! Glad you liked the TL;DR 🙂 I find those quick guides very handy on other blogs! x