February 2017 Favourites

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Even though I was away in Japan for two weeks of February, I still managed to secure a few solid favourites to talk to you about this month!

And old favourite that I am ordering a fresh product of this month is the Moo Goo Fresh Cream Natural Deodorant (RRP $8.50) – which you can read all my thoughts on here! Switching to natural deodorant was one of the best things I did in 2016. It did take some getting used to, but I haven’t looked back since!

Another long term favourite is the Kat Von D Lock It Concealer (RRP $32.00). I’ve been experiencing horrible skin problems in the last few months (all hormonal issues, such a joy) and this concealer is the only one I trust to keep those pesky marks covered. It does tend to be more tacky than creamy, but I found that this type of formula lasts better on my skin. Not to mention it’s completely cruelty free and vegan! Boom!

Onto new favourites, I picked up the NYX Micro Brow Pencil (RRP $16.95) at the NYX-Mas Store Opening at Pacific Fair. This pencil is ultra thin, which makes it perfect for lightly drawing super fine brow hairs and outlining the arch for pomade. It really reminds me of Benefit’s Precisely My Brow, but it’s more affordable AND cruelty free. Can’t beat that!

Something that has been helping my hormonal skin IMMENSELY this month has been Skinstitut products (RRP $49 ea). As you may already know, I have been going to Laser Clinics Australia in Brisbane to help with my hormonal breakouts with Microdermabrasions and Chemical Peels. The skin care line recommended and sold by Laser Clinics Australia is Skinstitut (which happens to be cruelty free and vegan too!). Stand outs have been the Glycolic Cleanser 12% and the Retinol Serum. I am hoping to do a more in depth review on these products soon, let me know if you are interested!

And for a random favourite…

Lastly, a bit of a random favourite. If you haven’t yet binge watched Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, get off this blog and go watch it! I watched the first episode and was… apprehensive. But after watching the second episode, I was completely hooked! It’s a horror comedy starring Drew Barrymore, so you know it’s good! The marital comedy between Barrymore and her on-screen husband Tim Olyphant is delicious good.

What were your favourites this February?

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  • I’ve looked at the Santa Clarita show in my recommended shows on the Flix but I don’t know if I will like it. Doesn’t sound like my jam haha glad you like it! <3


    • Kate Flint

      It’s so funny! But it’s not for everyone haha. The first episode is a bit jarring (even I was like…ughhh) but it gets WAY better and it’s hilarious!

  • Ela

    I don’t have a Netflix subscription – I prefer to spend that money on makeup, haha – but that show looks so good!
    Ela | http://www.stealingyoursunbeams.wordpress.com

    • Kate Flint

      Haha fair enough, I watch a lot of movies and TV shows so it’s definitely worth the money for me! 🙂 It’s a great show!

  • I felt the exact same way when I saw the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet. Second episode though? I knew I’d be binge watching after that! I have just one more episode left to go!

    • Kate Flint

      It’s so good! I can’t wait until the second season, enjoy that finale episode!

  • Zerin Hassan

    Great post !! I really want to try Skinstitut after my micro this week x

  • Great favourites! I need to try skinstitut products one of these days 🙂

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

  • James started watching this without me and I was SO cranky!! haha I have been watching Terrace House, its like a Japanese Big Brother, except they are allowed to leave the house! Oh and Midnight Diner – Tokyo Stories.. Both are really good! But subtitled, which I don’t mind as I am wanting to step up my very poor Japanese skills!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle