Tips for the Clumsy

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Hands up my clumsy ladies! I am constantly running into desks, tripping over, cutting myself and other related clumsy person incidents. It’s a disease. Really. All hail our Clumsy Queen Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I would share a few tips … Continued

Lash Lift Roadtest

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I think almost everyone will say that even on a non-makeup day, mascara (or at least curling your lashes) is a must if you are exiting the house. I hadn’t heard of people getting a Lash Lift until just this year! … Continued

Bedside Beauty


I’ve been really trying to perfect my Bedside Beauty routine of late for a few reasons. The most important being that it’s too bloody cold to not be in bed right now! But in all seriousness, having this ritual before … Continued

Relaxing and Unwinding

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Almost everyone of this planet loves relaxing. It’s pretty much universal. But it’s easy to feel guilty about relaxing and taking time out for ourselves, which isn’t healthy for anyone! Switching off is super important and it can be hard … Continued