Skinstitut Skincare


Despite hearing tonnes about Skinstitut skincare the past couple of years, it’s only recently that I’ve used them. I’m totally kicking myself that I waited so long to try this skincare. It also happens to be cosmedical grade skincare, Australian … Continued

Raw Vegan Challenge

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If you are vegan, or even just active on YouTube, you’d know that the Raw Vegan movement has been spreading through the world like wildfire. Whether you are completely against the idea, an omnivore, a vegetarian, or a regular vegan, … Continued

Tips for the Clumsy

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Hands up my clumsy ladies! I am constantly running into desks, tripping over, cutting myself and other related clumsy person incidents. It’s a disease. Really. All hail our Clumsy Queen Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I would share a few tips … Continued

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