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I won’t lie. I was afraid of getting a chemical peel. You can blame Sex and the City for that. Remember when Samantha gets a chemical peel to be “super fresh” for Carrie’s Book Launch? Yeah me too.

“Well Carrie, I’ve looked better”

But if you are a bit of a baby like me, you’ll be happy to know that there is a what I like to call a “gateway peel” available. Laser Clinics Australia, renowned for their high quality skincare treatments and laser hair removal, has the AHA Enzymatic Peel (RRP $61). This is a gentle, micro-exfoliation designed to smooth, hydrate and micro-exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skin. What’s better is, there is minimal ‘down time’ with this treatment, and very little sensitivity or flaking of skin afterwards.

I’ve had the AHA Enzymatic Peel twice now. One in December, and another in January. They recommend at least 2 weeks between these peels, but as I opted to have mine over the festive period, it ended up being closer to 4 weeks. Plenty of time for my skin to completely regenerate and ready for Round 2.

Possibly the only downside to a peel is purging. I have found that my skin is most likely going to get worse before it gets better. While you do see some slight good changes at the beginning, like reduced pore size, you do have a few weeks of your skin turning over it’s cells quicker. However, this purge can be a good thing. It basically means that the skin turnover cycle is quicker and powers through those lurking hidden nasties below the surface of your skin.

I experienced very little flaking, maybe a little around my nose and on my forehead. To be perfectly honest, I experience that flaking fairly regularly in those areas anyway. I found some old acne scarring has begun to fade and though I’m still having a lot of trouble with hormonal breakouts, these peels definitely helped my skin.

Since January, I’ve also tried a few more different skin treatments at Laser Clinics Australia, so if you’d like to learn more about the different treatments available leave me a comment below!

*This post was not sponsored, however I received these treatments as consideration.

Have you tried a chemical peel before?

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  • Zerin Hassan

    This peel looks great and I would love to try it x

    • Kate Flint

      It’s definitely a great starter peel, and not at all scary! Xx

  • I do hate how bad my skin gets afterward but the results are worth the wait! <3


    • Kate Flint

      It is so worth the wait! I like to think that those nasties have to come out at some point, might as well be all at once 😛 x

  • Dianne Childs

    No I haven’t tried an enzymatic peel, the only treatment I’ve had is microdermabrasion which sounds very similar. This sound great!

    Di from Max The Unicorn