1. minted
loaded , lot of money or can mean good
she’s minted
by June 03, 2003
Well hi there! My name is Kate. I am an overemotional, indecisive Piscean who loves all things makeup, horror movies and crafting.
In late March 2016, I watched a very important documentary called Earthlings, which completely changed my view of the world. Since that day, I chose to become a vegan and make better choices with food. In January 2017, I also made the decision to stop promoting any products not completely cruelty free. You will see that some posts from before this time that feature non-cruelty free products. I will be doing my best to add disclaimers to those posts and also come up with some more ‘dupe’ type posts to direct you to similar products that are cruelty free.


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If you have an interest in horror, food or Kate’s travelling adventures, be sure to visit our second blog: More Minted Blog.

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