Lift your Lash!

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I think almost everyone will say that even on a non-makeup day, mascara (or at least curling your lashes) is a must if you are exiting the house. I know when I am going makeup free, without at least a … Continued

Jeffree Star Rose Matter & Mannequin

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After recently purchasing Jeffree Star’s Doll Parts & Posh Spice, I’ve found a brand that I love! When Rose Matter & Mannequin were recently released on Jeffree’s website, I jumped at the chance to get them! *Despite the current controversy … Continued

Top 5 Winter Lipsticks

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It’s been three years since I wrote my Top 5 Winter Lip Products post (cringe with me at the quality), and ages since my last Top 5 post in general! I’ve got some brand new favourites to share with you for the … Continued

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

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Writer’s block is never nice. We all experience it at some point. The ideas stop flowing and we wrack our brains for hours and come up with next to nothing. The best way I find to combat this is to … Continued

Bedside Beauty

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I’ve been really trying to perfect my Bedside Beauty routine of late for a few reasons. The most important being that it’s too bloody cold to not be in bed right now! But in all seriousness, having this ritual before … Continued

Saddle Up with PONi Cosmetics

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I am a huge fan of online retailer, so when I heard that they are an Australian stockist for the brand PONi Cosmetics, my attention peaked. After learning that their products are not only loved by the likes of … Continued

The June Edit

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Hey everyone! This month, I wanted to do a more in depth chat about my month and make a bit more of an effort to take some pics for you! Dani and I have been planning on getting tattoos together … Continued

Lancome Juicy Shaker

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Anyone remember the good ol’ days of Lancome Juicy Tubes? It was a time when Paris Hilton ruled our lives, pink velour tracksuits were considered appropriate attire and you probably owned a Von Dutch Trucker Cap. As I was a … Continued

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